Brass, Bronze and Metallic Statues
Brass,Bronzes and Metallic Statues from India and Thailand. This is a small selection of what we have available. please email us if there is particular statue of any indian deity - Hanuman , Ghanesha, Shiva etc you are seeking and if we have not got it in stock we can order on request

Bronze Cockerel Foot Scratcher

20cm Brass Cockerel Foot Scratcher, with metal weighing balls in cage plinth. This is a unique item of some age originally made in India £15.99 inc UK delivery Code No BR002

Buddha Hands
Buddha Hand Bronze £99 inc UK delivery Code No BR003
Buddha Hand Gold finish £139.99 inc UK delivery Code No BR004
10 x 30 x 12.5 cm.  Wt. 5 kg.
Thailand has been famous for its ancient art of bronze casting for over 1000 years. Mano D was founded when one of Thailand's leading interior design houses joined forces with a well known Thai bronze manufacturer to create new lines of household accessories and decorative objects. If you are interested in other ManoD products we can order them for you please email us with your requirements.

Mano D aims to combine new technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce a range of elegance, yet functional home decorative items. Mano D recognizes the importance of preserving traditional values and identities. These are fostered by providing employment to local artists and craftsmen in the rural North of Thailand in the creation of the products.
Nataraja (Dancing Shiva) Statue

Nataraja (Dancing Shiva) metallic alloy copper finish statue with beautiful detailing £125 inc UK delivery Code No BR006
The dimensions are approx 49cm height by 38cm wide

Nataraja (Dancing Shiva) Brass Statue £99 inc UK delivery Code No BR005
Made In India the dimensions are approx 32cm height by 25cm wide
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