Rock Salt Crystal Lamps and Tea Lights
Rock Salt Crystal Lamps totally natural and handcrafted product from the foothills of the Himalayas geographically formed over 250,000,000 years.
Rock Salt Crystal Lamps and Tea Lights

Rock Salt Crystal Lamps

6 - 8 Kg - Medium Approx Height 25cm(10") Code RSL001 - £34.99
9 - 12 Kg - Large Approx Height 30cm(12") Code RSL002 - £49.99
15 - 20 Kg - Extra Large Approx Height 40cm(12") Code RSL003 - £75
22 - 35 Kg - ExtraExtra Large Code RSL004 - Price on Application
All Lamps include FREE UK Delivery and come compete with in-line light switch, standard plug and bulb all at UK specification.
Special Offer buy 2 lamps the same size and get £7 off the total price.
These natural rock salt crystal lamps work by emitting negative ions, which have long been believed to have a positive effect on the quality of the surrounding air. Each one is hand-crafted from salt crystal rocks, formed hundreds of millions of years ago at the foot of the Himalayan mountain range. While most other ionisers are man-made, these beautiful lights are a natural alternative from Mother Nature from the great Himalayan Mountains...what more can you want?

Simply place the lamp in your home, in your office, near the television, computer screen or around smokers and begin to feel the benefits of introducing more negative ions to your environment.

Essentially negative ions help to disperse pollutants and allergens from the immediate environment. Their beneficial effect was first investigated by Dr C W Hansell at RCA laboratories when he was startled by the violent mood swings of a colleague who sat beside an electro static generator.

If you aren't into the scientific spiel then simply enjoy the natural, warming, relaxing glow of these crystals when they are illuminated in a darkened room.

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Please note weights and height sizes are all approximate, each lamp is individual and priced accordingly. They are all fantastic and amazing, we are sure you will love them.

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