Rock Salt Tea Lights
Rock Salt Tealights totally natural beauty product from the foothills of the Himalayas geographically formed over 250,000,000 years.

Rock Salt Rough Crafted Tea-Lights low cut. These are lower cut. Diameters 10cm - 12cm. Heights 7cm plus weights up to 2kg - Code RSTLowCut - £14.50 each

Rock Salt Chunky Tea-Lights chunky cut. These are taller and chunkier. Diameters 10cm -12cm Height 10cm plus. Weights up to 2 kg - Code RSTChunky - £15.50 each

All Tea-Lights include FREE UK Delivery and come compete with tea light candle
Special Offer buy 2 tea-lights the same size and get £5 off the total price.
Please note weights and height sizes are all approximate, each tea light is individual and priced accordingly. They are all fantastic and amazing, we are sure you will love them. These are large chunky tea lights and weigh up to a solid 2 kg.
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