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Special Sandalwood Malas handmade by Tibetans Free Delivery. Full selection of Singing Bowls with batons and cushions, CDs. Handmade Tibetan products

Tibetan Sandalwood Malas
Sandalwood Mala 74cm total length approx Special Low Price £8.50 inc UK delivery. Code No T001

Tibetan Singing Bowls

A selection of Tibetan Singing Bowls are available, sizes are approx and vary as these are individual pieces, to check availability please email or telephone. Prices Include batons, satin cushion are recomended available see below.
12.5cm Bowl £20 plus £3.00 delivery Code No BW02
8cm-10cm Bowl £18 plus £3.00 delivery Code No BW01
cm Bowl £75 plus £3.00 delivery Code No BW03
25cm Bowl £95 Free delivery Code No BW04
30cm Bowl £140 Free delivery Code No BW05
other sizes available to order on request, sizes are approximate as these are handcrafted items,
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Tibetan Bowls were used by Tibetan monks for meditation and healing, and are Sacred, therefore should not be placed directly on the floor, but always on a special cloth or cushion. Satin cushions are available in four different sizes to fit your bowl perfectly.
Small 10cm Satin Cushion £4 free delivery with bowl Code No BWSC
Medium 15cm Satin Cushion £7 free delivery with bowl Code No BWMC
Large 20cm Satin Cushion £9 free delivery with bowl Code No BWLC
Xtra Lrg 25+cm Cushion £12 free delivery with bowl Code No BWXC
CDs of Tibetan Singing Bowls are £12.90 each inc delivery either available from us or direct from the artist.
TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS VOL 1 The Healing Bowls of Tibet 72mins by Frank Parry This CD features 3 tracks of Tibetan Singing Bowl music - TREASURE OF THE MOUNTAIN (8 mins) with huge gongs and the wonderfully magical sounds of the Singing Bowls, & THE WAY OF THE BOWLS (44 mins) which begins with the beautiful-sounding 12th century Heart Chakra bowl which leads us out into around 45 minutes of unique Tibetan Singing Bowl music utilising many playing techniques and sound-textures found within Frank's rare collection of over 150 of these ancient, sacred instruments and closing with the beautiful 'overtone' choir. WITHIN THE PETALS OF THE ROSE (21 mins) this time focusing in particular upon the Healing side of these uniquely potent sounds. Two very deep, powerful bowls play continuously, with the first 7 minutes adding Solar Plexus bowls, Heart Chakra bowls for the following 7 minutes and ending with Throat Chakra bowls. Accompanied by a spacey and gentle improvisation upon selected bowls over it all.  Track 3: WITHIN THE PETALS OF THE ROSE. The music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem .
TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS VOL 2 Path to Shambala 73mins by Frank Parry The title Track TEN BULLS takes its inspiration from this ancient Zen Buddhist story. Filmmaker Kim Bour commissioned Frank for this. Nevertheless, the film hasn’t been made yet, as Kim wanted to create it from out of Frank’s music. This 22 minute piece is in 10 short parts. The second, longer piece – OLMO LUNG RING ‘Silver Palace of the Garuda Valley’ – is in 7 sections and is patterned upon this ancient Bonpo (pre-Buddhist) centre and is something of a ‘shamanic journey’ to this ancient abode of adepts. In his own unique way, Frank explores extremely rich and subtle textures in this piece – many totally new and never-before-heard textures from Tibetan Singing Bowls. The whole piece ends using swung Tuned Gongs, Burmese meditation Gongs, Tibetan hand bells, and numerous types of Tibetan Bowls. This is a deeply powerful track featuring the unique harmonic resonances of these ancient Singing Bowls with Frank’s deep understanding of structure and form alongside his uniquely remarkable sensitivity regarding their spiritual sound-potency for representing deep meditative and contemplative states of awareness. In some ways this piece bridges both types of Frank’s music - focusing upon one ‘family’ of instruments and yet featuring a huge orchestral palette. 
TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS VOL 3 Ancient Tibetan Initiation Bowls 79mins by Frank Parry Another CD entirely devoted to these magical instruments. Actually, this CD was created in 1993 and originally intended to be BELOVODYE Volume 2 - part of Frank's Planets Suite - subtitled 'Ancient Tibetan Initiation Bowls'. Here we find the tracks for the remaining planets Vulcan, Sun, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The longest track (Sun - the length of an entire album on vynil!) also features Frank's shamanic overtone singing. Originally conceived and largely recorded in 1993, it is now released for the very first time ever!

            With two Tibetan Bowl CDs already released, Frank was in two minds about releasing this - actually his first CD to be devoted entirely to Tibetan Bowl sounds - at all. But listening to it again recently, he felt that these sessions indeed possessed a very unique quality and did deserve to be released as another facet of his work with these deeply potent instruments.
Track 2: AWAKENS THE TREASURES OF MOUNT KANCHENJUNGA. The music features little repetition and unfolds more like a conversation or poem . This clip is but part of a larger whole. Track 4: THE CHINTAMANI STONE IS FOUND.
TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS VOL 4 Chakra Healing 78mins by Frank Parry   A CD entirely dedicated to working with the Chakras - or 'Body of Light' - featuring a rare set of ancient TibetanSinging Bowls especially made to activate the several chakras and collected by Frank over several decades. This is a serious workout and is highly potent and needs to be used with care. Each track is a composed piece of music taken from the perspective of the total evolutionary journey of our consciousness through the chakra system. Each track prominently features those bowls especially attuned to the chakra in question. Frank doesn't use any intellectual system for determining which bowls work with chakras, but rather his intuition and spiritual observations (and as observed upon countless hundreds of patients who've come to him for sound healing) concerning the direct effect of certain very rare ancient bowls upon specific chakras.Track 2: SECRET OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER.

This is a new Landmark in Chakra CDs - one that really delivers!

             Frank Parry
TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS VOL 5 Legend of Shambala 74mins by Frank Parry Another CD featuring the musical explorations of these wonderful instruments - also including Sacred Conch Shell Trumpets, Gongs and overtone singing too. This first track features a large range of sound textures moving from one section into another. It is a studio recording of the music for a metaphysical audio-visual featuring the paintings of Russian artist Nicholas Roerich (1874 - 1948) linked to the theme of Shambhala. The music minus the paintings must needs be more dramatic. For this recording the proportions of its sections were based upon the Fibonacci Series (Geometry of Nature) except here adapted as a Palendrome, to commemorate 2002. 

The second piece TEMPLE OF LIGHT has echoes of side two of DEEP PEACE (one of frank's earliest LP's - recorded in 1980) and features a background drone upon 7 Tibetan Hand bells (Drilbu) playing a form of 'Music of the Spheres' above a beautiful ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl attuned to the Heart Chakra and the Lord Maitreya  which plays throughout and above this drone are played three main sections upon Singing Bowls. The two outer sections are upon a group of deep bowls whilst the central section is played upon a collection of 39 high Yin bowls. At the point of the Golden Section (Geometry of Nature) mystical music, representing Communion with the Cosmic Heart, enters. Track 2: TEMPLE OF LIGHT.